Amateur Radio Station N1DL/4

on Choctaw Ridge in Blue Ridge/Georgia


The SteppIR yagi on a Force 12 crank-up mast is barely visible on the far side of the cabin.

The station is fully remote controlable via Internet and consists of a Kenwood TS-480 SAT and an Italian Expert 1KW Linear Amplifier.

A video camera with tilt/zoom/pan and sound helps to get a visual picture in addition to the remote control programs employed.

The YAESU rotor and the SteppIR yagi are also remotable.

This is the remote control screen. I use several software packages depending on what fits best.

e.g. Ham Radio Deluxe, Internet Remote Tool Kit, TRX manager, MixW and others.

The Expert linear has its own remote control software shown on the lower right of the screen.

This telephoto of the QTH was taken from a distance of 1.5 km





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last updated October 28, 2008