Amateur Radio N1DL and MARS station NNN0VDG


HF and VHF/UHF, voice, digital and morse code modes capable


From left to right and top to bottom are:

1st rack:

Rohde&Schwarz XK2100 running 24/7 MARS Winmor Radio Message Server
drawer and Phone Patch
Rubidium 10 MHz standard linked to all radios

2nd rack:

PW-1 Linear Amp control on top
fold out screen (in stowed position)
Power conditioning and light module
pull out table
audio switch matrix (mainly used for various digital modes on MARS)
Pactor III modem and remote coax switch
Power distribution switch panel and below bottom panels is PW-1 Linear

3rd rack: (December 2010 addition)

Fax machine on top
Alpha 9500 Linear Amplifier
Palstar AT AUTO antenna tuner

4th rack:

Speakers and electronic key paddle
fold out screen (in stowed position)
Kenwoood TS-2000 (used mainly for VHF/UHF and back-up for HF)
hidden behind panel is FLEX5000A SDR transceiver
bottom behind panel are two 12 V 25 A DC power supplies and automatic antenna tuner


Apple 27" IMAC running both OSX and Windows 7 OS with all programs internally "connected" with Virtual
Audio Panel and Software Port Replicator

on roof: (20 floors high)

33 ft Marine Vertical
HiQ 5-160 remote tune screwdriver antenna
6m halo
90' Carolina Windom



shown with the screen and desk drawer pulled out and the access door to the FLEX5000A open


The Apple IMAC running Power SDR for the FLEX 5000A and various digital modes



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last updated August 21, 2014